About Us

Digitanomy was established to meet growing needs for Legal Process Outsourcing. The methods, strategies and innovations supporting Digitanomy have been time-tested and proven to provide cost effective, solid solutions for our customers.

Customer Focus
Digitanomy is a Client-focused enterprise offering end-to-end data about transformation services, with reliable and outstanding customer service, delivered via an enthusiastic work ethic that encourages accuracy and cost savings.

Emphasis On Innovation
It's not just our services that excel, but the members of our organization are responsible for the real strength of our services. Against a backdrop of continual learning, sharing and technical advancement, Digitanomy encourages its team to develop key strategies based upon current industry needs and a creative vision for the future. As our client's needs change, we are ready to change with them, always standing by, to respond quickly and accurately with the right elucidations.

Along with our strong corporate structure and an ardent staff, Digitanomy's state-of-the-art offshore facility provides round support for our global customers, equipped with sophisticated hardware, high performance servers and workstations, scalable networking and best-in-class software systems that drives Digitanomy to continuously addressing potential challenges, without hampering the flow of routine work. We provide a perfect platform instrumental in our client's growth offered at a time when the demand for outsourcing within the legal profession has never been greater!

LPO is growing rapidly. You want to get on board. Who will you choose to get you there?
Choose Quality, Innovation and Performance Choose Digitanomy.