Document Review

What is Document Review?
First level document review is a standard part of the discovery phase of litigation. The legal "Request for Production of Documents" is the catalyst for first level document review, the initial review phase that narrow documents down to a responsive and workable data set for later review by senior staff.

Why is Document Review Important?
The primary purpose of first level document review is to determine whether or not documents pertaining to a specific case are "responsive" or "non-responsive".

During litigation, law firm associates, contract attorneys and paralegal teams may review thousands or millions of documents to identify whether or not they are:

What happens during initial document review?
In this phase of litigation, documents pass through five specific review steps:

How Can Digitanomy Help?
Advanced technology has dramatically changed the document review process in the recent past. Attorneys and paralegal teams no longer prepare for litigation by gathering information, meticulously comb through thousands or millions of paper documents. Today, electronic platforms and advanced technology identify responsive data, allowing attorneys the time necessary to devote to high margin cases, while skilled LPO professionals manages vast amounts of documents in fraction of the time and cost.

Digitanomy alleviates first level document review inefficiencies using a skilled Indian workforce that offers these additional benefits:

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