Tegal Transcription

Legal transcription services are a major process often outsourced by law firms and corporate legal departments.

Digitanomy provides legal transcription services for attorneys and corporate institutions for:

Transcripts from court proceedings can be very complex, since the voices of many parties, from judges and attorneys to witnesses and even trial attendants may become part of the overall evidence and history of the trial. Accuracy is crucial, and this is where Digitanomy really delivers the best out of a decade of experience we have in the industry.

Legal letters often require transcription and include

Files are returned to the client in Word documents or other formats as per client's need and requirement. Our well-tested technology is managed and monitored 24/7 to meet client requirements, and includes faxing capabilities and digital signatures, available through our document management flow system.

Verbatim Transcription
We provide verbatim transcription for recorded voice data, most often retrieved from digital MP3 or CD- Rom files. These are most applicable for legal arguments, cross examination, court proceedings, police interviews etc.

General Transcription
We provide general correspondence transcription for trade show, conferences, seminars, brainstorming sessions, insurance cases, educational meetings etc.

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